Monday, September 18, 2017

Update at 9 Weeks Post-Surgery

Kidney Transplant Update: Just a note to say that I am one of the lucky ones to receive a kidney transplant this year. Each year only about 20% of persons in need of a kidney transplant actually receive one. A staggering 7,300 people die every year waiting for a kidney transplant (20 per day). Many of these individuals were good candidates for a transplant when they were first put on the waiting list. That is unimaginable and literally sickening. With a population of 320 million people, we transplant only about 20,000 kidneys each year.  See

So you can see how I am indeed one of the lucky ones. It's now almost 9 weeks since my surgery and I am delighted to report that all is going very well. Creatinine level is 1.3 (down from 5.4 pre-surgery), a measure of kidney function.

I thank everyone who had a role in saving my life. I had two failing kidneys due to an inherited genetic disorder called Polycystic Kidney Disease ("PKD"). But foremost is saving me is my living donor, Cheri Ruane, an accomplished Boston-area professional and president of the Boston Society of Landscape Architects. Also, Renewal of Life (a Brooklyn non-profit) provided immeasurable assistance, literally, by guiding me in designing a campaign to spread the word of my need for a kidney, as well as spiritually and by supporting my donor in every way imaginable. Renewal worked tirelessly before and after the surgery to make sure that donor and recipient were safe and healthy.


Paying Forward: Among other activities now I am available (free of charge) to assist other persons with kidney disease in their efforts to find a living donor. Please feel free to contact me on that subject (

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